Louisiana, just about one year already

One year has almost gone by since their move to Louisiana.  Cy shares some of the differences between Louisiana and Oregon she finds interesting.


4 thoughts on “Louisiana, just about one year already

  1. SO MANY TURTLES!!!! It’s like when you go other places and there are bunnies hopping all over the place. We caught a crawdad and had it in an aquarium in the library once when we were kids, and it got out and went all the way down the stairs. Do the Louisiana crawdads find their way back to the creeks?

    1. The crawdads were all over the place, and a lot more by the little swamp at the end of our street. So funny that you had one for a pet for a little bit and it got out! I know what you mean about the bunnies, not too many here though, lots of squirrels, and love those cute curious turtles!

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