Pallet Challenge 2015, Mail Organizer

It is time for Sterling Davis’ Annual Pallet Upcycle Challenge.  He is focusing on the Wounded Warrier Project by donating money this year per the number of videos of folks that grab a pallet and take the challenge.   For my project I found a mail organizer pattern in WoodSmith magazine.  I follow the instructions to make it, including figuring out some terminology, and fabricating a jig for some finger joints.  It was good practice for me because I learned some about following the directions, and got familiar with some new lingo.

Enjoy the video, and click on the playlist in the YouTube video description box to see the others that took the challenge.


2 thoughts on “Pallet Challenge 2015, Mail Organizer

  1. Hi, Our senior Bible Study group went to a pie making place Tuesday and had “pie”The booths were made out of pallets. I had another person take some pics and they were going to send them to me, but I haven’t rec them yet.  They also had little shelves on the walls made from pallets.Never know what you might see!!!  Love Dad

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