Seahawks Sign

I had an old childhood neighbor ask me to make a Seattle Seahawks sign for her.  She sent me a few pictures and I assembled an ensemble!  I used holly, walnut, poplar, and some other mystery wood and glued it all to a backer board.  It was fun to make for my 12th man old neighbor friend.


2 thoughts on “Seahawks Sign

    1. Thanks for the concern. I looked it up and there is no trademark infringement if consumers know the product comes from a third party. Also was noted in the article
      “Under the First Amendment, artists are allowed to express themselves. For example, Andy Warhol’s repurposing of famous brands and celebrities grace countless gallery walls. No consumer likely thinks the Andy Warhol painting comes from the Campbell Soup Company.”

      I thought that explained it well. I’m not mass producing these to sell, but it looks like that would be legal too!


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