Hobby Bench, Part 8

I worked on flattening my table top.  I moved on to the scary step of cutting the dados for the drawer slides, and it all worked out!!!  So far so good!  However, the 3 dovetailed drawers look horrible, so I am re-thinking them.  The directions say to expect repairing the drawer slot hole in the drawer fronts, but I am not sure if I can pull that off.  Any suggestions are appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Hobby Bench, Part 8

  1. I wish I had an answer for you on the help you are needing. I would be in the SAME place as you if I were making your project. I DO Hope you get the answers you need. I was so glad that you got some help on the LIVE show we did too. I am glad you feel bold enough to ask for help. This is a great community and it does seem that ppl are so very helpful. Hopefully SOMEDAY I will be in a position where I can be more helpful to others than I am already. Just gonna plug along and learn what I can as I go :-)…Good job for getting as far as you have on your project Cy!!!

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