Kitchen Backsplash, Oregon House Ep. 10

Hey!!! So I tried my hand at setting tiles for the backsplash!!! We had a tough time picking out the tiles, but when I saw these I just knew they fit us. Husband really likes them too. I was very excited to do this backsplash so I read about different types of adhesives, thinset, grout, and tile nippers. Then I jumped right in! The tiles were really long so Husband cut them into workable pieces and let me go at it. I really enjoyed it and look forward to working with tiles, mud, and grout again. I have been reading about mosaics and hope to make some of those out of the left over tile pieces, or maybe with some rocks or something!!!  Next is painting the outside of the house and the roof, then the big jobs are all done!!!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Backsplash, Oregon House Ep. 10

    1. Right there with you!!! It was becoming quite the chore to pick the tile. We started just grabbing pieces at the store and we were surprised this one seemed to go with it. And pleasantly surprised with the result. 😀 Thank you !!!

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