Spice Shelf

My spice situation was unruly. It was hard to find the spice I needed when I needed it, so I was determined to find a solution. I saw a nifty idea on Pinterest! I dreaded figuring out the angles, but my mini miter saw did that for me! For some reason I had a blast putting up this little spice shelf, even if parsley flakes got in the way. I found a bunch of repeat spices that I bought and discovered that cinnamon can transport. It was a very fun day 🙂 !!!


2 thoughts on “Spice Shelf

  1. I use celery salt. I love the crunch of celery, but Ron doesn’t. So for those recipes (soups, chicken salad, etc.) that need some celery I use the celery salt instead. Love the shelf idea. Ron’s looking into my spice cupboard now to see if we can add one!

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