Burl Table and Cygn

Husband and I found this awesome burl slab in Kirby, Oregon a few years back. I am not sure what type of wood it is… Our intention was to make a table out of it. We have packed it around with us, taking it to Louisiana, bringing it back to Oregon, and it remains a slab. It was sitting in my shed and I thought it would be really cool to just use it instead of it just sitting there. I wanted it to fold into the space on the back wall of my shed and because of this the height of the table was determined by its odd shape. It worked!!! It stands tall, but I am tall, so it works for me!!! Then I thought I could do the same sort of thing with my Cy’s Corner sign (I call it my Cygn), but I didn’t think it through. I put it up and it was too close to the burl table so they collided when trying to open them. Derrrr. I moved my Cygn and it’s all good now. I’m excited to try out my burl table!!! Yay!!!


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