Compass Mosaic

This is my first attempt at a glass tile (tessera) mosaic! I found a picture of a compass and blew it up real big to use as a pattern! I watched some videos and read some stuff about doing mosaics. I get a lot of info from I-C-Mosaics, I have the link in the description box of the You Tube video so you can check it out. At first I didn’t like the look of the rough edged tile after snipping it, and it almost made me quit the project. I’m hoping when the grout gets placed it makes it look okay. Still yet I may just look into getting a tile grinder. Anyway, the end result, before grouting even, looks great to me! I won’t be doing the grouting until I have a place for it to go permanently….so we need to do some more concrete work first. 🙂



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