Johnny Mosaic

When I made the compass mosaic I discovered the pieces had ragged edges after snipping. I thought these pieces would be perfect for making a mosaic of Johnny, it would be like his cute fluffy hair! In this video I show pictures of Johnny while I am working on the mosaic. We sure miss the little guy, thanks for all the love Johnny!

Some history for those who do not know who Johnny is. Johnny was our little yorkie-chihuahua pooch. He was a self assured little dog, with a big dog attitude. We got Johnny when he was a few weeks old. He was dark in color and as he grew he turned blonde! Some days he just wanted to be held or close to me while I was working in the shop. I had a carrier for him and made a little pillow so he would be comfortable in it. He spent a lot of time in the carrier, so he is in a lot of Cy’s Corner videos. We lived in Oregon, then moved to Louisiana, and after 3 years we moved back to Oregon. We learned that Johnny had cancer shortly after moving back to Oregon, he passed away in October 2016. He was only six years old. I have a video playlist of walks with Johnny. Most of these walks are in Louisiana, but a few are from Oregon. Exploring Oregon playlist are also walks with Johnny. His memory lives on in pictures and videos. What a great friend he was.


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