OPP September 8, 2018


On today’s episode of OPP I am sharing projects from:

Claudio Nestor Rodriguez: Intarsia cat. His YouTube channel 

James Beaton: Intarsia fish, intarsia frog (Kathy Wise pattern), intarsia dog (Judy Gale Roberts pattern), intarsia butterfly (Judy Gale Roberts pattern).

Tim Turner: Cat in the Hat cup cake stand. His website 

Wendy Crawford Gourley: Tilley sign. Her YouTube channel:MooseTrails Woodworking and her video.

Jolien Brebels: two 1968 Corvette Stingray Corvettes. Her channel and her video

Thanks everyone for participating in OPP and giving the audience some ideas for projects!

If you would like to share a project on OPP please contact me with a picture of your project and any information you would like to share about it!

Email me: undeniablycy@gmail.com

Or send a facebook message: Cy’s Corner Facebook

Thanks for watching everyone!!!


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