Meet Cy

 Hey All, Cy here!  Some folks ask about my name. My full name is Cynthia, so shorten that up a bit and you get Cy. That works for me. 🙂  Well, I am a hobby woodworker dabbling in intarsia and other things.  I grew up in Oregon, then in 2013 we moved to Louisiana.  And there is where Cy’s Corner started!  We were there for just three years then headed back to Oregon. We now live on the Oregon coast!!!  I am in retirement-kindofish-mode now after a career as a dentist. I’m still a dentist I just don’t work on people anymore.

Most of my videos are of projects that I am working on, but some are about other things like places I go and other things I do. I have a lot of videos with our dog Johnny. He ended up having cancer and passed away the end of October 2017. He did get to enjoy a few months of running on the beaches in Oregon after we moved back. We miss that little yorkie-chihuahua pooch. His playlist is staying here forever. 🙂  Walks With John

We have two new members of the family, a yorkie-schnauzer-poodle mix named Walla Walla Washington (Wally), and a yorkie-shih tzu mix named Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Gibbs). They have fit into the family perfectly!

I’m a pretty happy overall and enjoy making projects and videos. I believe my happiness comes from my faith, which I talk about on the page called Bright Side to Life  🙂


Cy’s Corner Theme Song – This song, (as well as my end of video song called Bye, Cy) is my son’s creation for me. In this video I put the words to the song along with pictures of a lot of my projects. It’s a heavy, grungy sorta song!




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