Baton Rouge Capitol Building Adventure

I really enjoy the view from the Baton Rouge Capitol. In this video Husband and I go up the elevators (one is very teency) to check out the view from the top. This is the last video while living in Louisiana. We are heading off to Oregon and I will see you from there!!!

Bye Bye Louisiana, it was a fun 3 years!!!


Turtle on our Street

This morning driving to work there was a large turtle crossing our street.   There is a swamp nearby so I put the turtle back into the swamp. It swam off into the swamp with gratitude I’m guessin’! This is one thing I really love about Louisiana, saving turtles!

Things poking out of the water…

This is a short video of the swamp near the entrance into our neighborhood. I have noticed these little critters jumping out of the water. I imagine it is to take a peek at me and Johnny, but who knows…? At first I thought they were turtles, but then it looks like they might be fish or something? It makes me laugh to watch them poking their heads up.

Swirly Clouds and Wind

John wanted to go outside and then he wouldn’t go because it was too windy! I was easily amused and amazed by the wind and even thought I saw some clouds that were looking a little swirly. The swirl went away and the wind calmed down. It was another Louisiana experience!

John 3:8 The wind blows where it wants to and you hear the sound of it, but you don’t know where the wind comes from or where it is going. It is the same with every person who is born from the Spirit.”


Killdeer Bird, Johnny Chooses the Route

This video covers a few weeks as we checked on a killdeer bird sitting on a nest of eggs. Johnny doesn’t usually like to walk on long dewy grass, so I carried him across and got my work shirt dirty when I carried him. He acted mopey because he didn’t want to go the way I wanted, so I turned around and he went across the long dewy grass I had just carried him across! I know I wasn’t in charge of this walk! (Am I ever?) He was so happy and cute I didn’t mind. Thanks for walking with us!!!

Little Snake

Walking Johnny one day and we came upon a little snake. I don’t know if it was a rattler or not. I picked up John so he wouldn’t see it. It lunged at me a few times (I may have been tormenting it a bit). The neighbor saw me and told me to kill it. I didn’t kill it, so now it will probably grow into a super huge snake that swims up my toilet into my house and torments me like I tormented it… Oh well, it was still pretty cool to see!!!