Johnny Mosaic

When I made the compass mosaic I discovered the pieces had ragged edges after snipping. I thought these pieces would be perfect for making a mosaic of Johnny, it would be like his cute fluffy hair! In this video I show pictures of Johnny while I am working on the mosaic. We sure miss the little guy, thanks for all the love Johnny!

Some history for those who do not know who Johnny is. Johnny was our little yorkie-chihuahua pooch. He was a self assured little dog, with a big dog attitude. We got Johnny when he was a few weeks old. He was dark in color and as he grew he turned blonde! Some days he just wanted to be held or close to me while I was working in the shop. I had a carrier for him and made a little pillow so he would be comfortable in it. He spent a lot of time in the carrier, so he is in a lot of Cy’s Corner videos. We lived in Oregon, then moved to Louisiana, and after 3 years we moved back to Oregon. We learned that Johnny had cancer shortly after moving back to Oregon, he passed away in October 2016. He was only six years old. I have a video playlist of walks with Johnny. Most of these walks are in Louisiana, but a few are from Oregon. Exploring Oregon playlist are also walks with Johnny. His memory lives on in pictures and videos. What a great friend he was.


November Chat, 2016

I got a few stickers in the mail so I put them up on the sticker map! Thank you for the stickers and I look forward to many more! In the video I talk about some projects and competitions I entered, the new shop being built, and some information about the loss of our beloved pooch, shop dog, and friend, Johnny.

Walks with Johnny

Walking Johnny by Yaquina Bay

This morning while walking Johnny, we explored the south side of Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon. The tide was way out and we saw people clamming on the west side of the bridge.   We went on the deck-like walkway (not sure what it is called) on the east side of the bridge. We met Joe there and watched him throw his crabbing do hicky bobber into the bay. It was 55 degrees on this June morning, chilly but still nice.

Johnny Learns About the Beach

We reached our destination after 6 days of travel and walked onto the sandy beach of Oregon. Johnny didn’t like the wind and just wanted to be picked up. Luckily the next day my parents were on the beach with their pooches. We all got a good night’s rest and in the morning met my parents on the beach. Johnny learned quickly from his amigos that the beach is for running!!! Hurray!!! I’m so glad he likes the beach because we have many more to explore!!!

Things poking out of the water…

This is a short video of the swamp near the entrance into our neighborhood. I have noticed these little critters jumping out of the water. I imagine it is to take a peek at me and Johnny, but who knows…? At first I thought they were turtles, but then it looks like they might be fish or something? It makes me laugh to watch them poking their heads up.

John Found a Cookie

Johnny found a cookie at the bus stop this morning. He was burying it in the awesome four leafed clover patch when he noticed me filming him.   While he was finding a new hiding place he decided to eat it. I also found a four leafed clover while glancing at the patch! Then we went in and I made myself a cup of coffee. Another fine morning walking John 🙂

Killdeer Bird, Johnny Chooses the Route

This video covers a few weeks as we checked on a killdeer bird sitting on a nest of eggs. Johnny doesn’t usually like to walk on long dewy grass, so I carried him across and got my work shirt dirty when I carried him. He acted mopey because he didn’t want to go the way I wanted, so I turned around and he went across the long dewy grass I had just carried him across! I know I wasn’t in charge of this walk! (Am I ever?) He was so happy and cute I didn’t mind. Thanks for walking with us!!!