Wally and Gibbs at the Beach

I took a walk on the beach with Wally and Gibbs, it was a windy but nice day. The sand dunes at our neighborhood beach are pretty tall right now but they will flatten out during the non-summer months. I like to surf (slide) down them, my shoes get full of sand but it is fun. The pooches seem to enjoy it too! They’ve been on the beach before but hadn’t gone into the water so this was a new thing for them!  


My Eclipse Experience, August 21, 2017

Hey all Cy here,

So the eclipse was happening right over my town, Newport, Oregon. My son in law, Matt, set up a bunch of cameras to document the eclipse. So my step daughter (Kandi), granddaughter (Ella), puppies (Wally and Gibbs), and I got ready to watch the show! And a bunch of people were outside all over the place and you can hear them watching in the video.

Matt started all of his cameras at 9:04 am when the moon began to cross over the sun. At 10:16 am the moon completely covered the sun, which is called totality, for 1 minute and 46 seconds.

Matt also had an app going that was announcing key points during the eclipse, including a count down to totality and a reminder to put the glasses back on when the darkest moments were over. During totality we felt the temperature drop, our deck lights and street lights came on, there was a bunch of cheering from the neighbors and oohs and aahhhs from us. Gibbs got chilly and Wally got scared. When the moon started exposing the sun again it got light really fast. But it would take another 78 minutes or so for the moon to completely move out of the circle of the sun. We were amazed at how much of the sun could be blocked and it not be noticeable. It wasn’t until the sun was almost all the way blocked that we could tell what was happening (without looking anyway). Also during totality, for 1 minute and 46 seconds, we were able to take off the glasses and look at the completely blocked sun. At this point, with the glasses on, you could see nothing. But with our own eyes we could see the shimmering ring around the moon which is called the corona of the sun. And it was pretty awesome! It was also fun to hear Ella’s reaction. I am sure she will remember it forever!

My cell phone camera couldn’t capture the way the corona really looked, but hopefully Matt’s camera did! The darkest part of the eclipse was over, but the cameras kept running, we kept watching, and at 11:36 am the moon was completely clear of the sun. How exciting this was!  

Husband was at work and he was able to go outside with everyone and watch the totality moment of the eclipse. I called him a while later and we both shared our experience real quick.

Once Matt has his video put together I will share that link!

I hope everyone got to see the eclipse that wanted to see it!!!


2016 goin’ on 17

A quick review of 2016!!! Lots happened this year, and lots of stuff already starting to happen for 2017, like a new shop!!! Thanks everyone for watching and riding along as we moved from Louisiana back to Oregon, remodeled our house, got the shed turned into my new little corner, and said goodbye to our Johnny dog. God bless everyone in 2017!!!



Baton Rouge Capitol Building Adventure

I really enjoy the view from the Baton Rouge Capitol. In this video Husband and I go up the elevators (one is very teency) to check out the view from the top. This is the last video while living in Louisiana. We are heading off to Oregon and I will see you from there!!!

Bye Bye Louisiana, it was a fun 3 years!!!

Swirly Clouds and Wind

John wanted to go outside and then he wouldn’t go because it was too windy! I was easily amused and amazed by the wind and even thought I saw some clouds that were looking a little swirly. The swirl went away and the wind calmed down. It was another Louisiana experience!

John 3:8 The wind blows where it wants to and you hear the sound of it, but you don’t know where the wind comes from or where it is going. It is the same with every person who is born from the Spirit.”


Merry Christmas!

I was getting a bit edgy with travel plans and gift ideas.  Finding that I was slumping into stress mode, I had to remind myself what this Christmas celebration is really about.  So I re-focused on the real reason for Christmas, and the promise that comes with the Little Baby’s birth.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!

“Scriptures quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version, copyright 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.”

Cy’s Solution to Annoying Stove Gaps

I don’t like it when food gets trapped in the space between the stove and the counter top.  In this video I attempt to remedy this problem!!!  Husband ordered some T-molding so I used that and duct tape to make something to bridge the gap!  Hooray, it worked today but I really don’t know how well this will last so just be warned that it may not work for long!