Making Signs for Becky

My friend asked me to make some signs shaped like arrows to go on her property. She has 14 acres that include forest trails, a vineyard, an orchard, a pond, a barn, and her home. I made the signs using cedar that we had left over from our guest room project. In this video I make the signs and head over to Becky’s house. Then Becky and I put them up all over her property. It was a lot of fun and I am curious to see how the signs hold up in the weather.


Shed Update January 2017, and stuff I’ve been doing lately!

A quick update and a song or so!  I talk about a project in the works, a messed up mosaic that I ended up liking a lot, a video I had done about what I do to get over the blues, working on some stuff for family, building a new little shop, driftwood, and the Bigfoot Festival coming in August!

2016 goin’ on 17

A quick review of 2016!!! Lots happened this year, and lots of stuff already starting to happen for 2017, like a new shop!!! Thanks everyone for watching and riding along as we moved from Louisiana back to Oregon, remodeled our house, got the shed turned into my new little corner, and said goodbye to our Johnny dog. God bless everyone in 2017!!!



Baton Rouge Capitol Building Adventure

I really enjoy the view from the Baton Rouge Capitol. In this video Husband and I go up the elevators (one is very teency) to check out the view from the top. This is the last video while living in Louisiana. We are heading off to Oregon and I will see you from there!!!

Bye Bye Louisiana, it was a fun 3 years!!!

Things poking out of the water…

This is a short video of the swamp near the entrance into our neighborhood. I have noticed these little critters jumping out of the water. I imagine it is to take a peek at me and Johnny, but who knows…? At first I thought they were turtles, but then it looks like they might be fish or something? It makes me laugh to watch them poking their heads up.

John Found a Cookie

Johnny found a cookie at the bus stop this morning. He was burying it in the awesome four leafed clover patch when he noticed me filming him.   While he was finding a new hiding place he decided to eat it. I also found a four leafed clover while glancing at the patch! Then we went in and I made myself a cup of coffee. Another fine morning walking John 🙂

Killdeer Bird, Johnny Chooses the Route

This video covers a few weeks as we checked on a killdeer bird sitting on a nest of eggs. Johnny doesn’t usually like to walk on long dewy grass, so I carried him across and got my work shirt dirty when I carried him. He acted mopey because he didn’t want to go the way I wanted, so I turned around and he went across the long dewy grass I had just carried him across! I know I wasn’t in charge of this walk! (Am I ever?) He was so happy and cute I didn’t mind. Thanks for walking with us!!!