OPP April 2019

In this month’s episode I am sharing projects from:

Carolyn Haught: Son’s Lighthouse from a Cherry Tree Pattern

Ron Sweat: Shalom Puzzle and Seahorse Intarsia
Shalom Puzzle found in 2006 Scroll Saw Magazine, designed by Judy Peterson. Scripture on the Seahorse, Genesis 1:21-22 (ncv) So God created the large sea animals and every living thing that moves in the sea. The sea is filled with these living things, with each one producing more of its own kind. He also made every bird that flies, and each bird produced more of its own kind. God saw that this was good. 22 God blessed them and said, “Have many young ones so that you may grow in number. Fill the water of the seas, and let the birds grow in number on the earth.”

Denise Eggleston: Maryland Crab

Phill Gavin: Intarsia Duck from a Kathy Wise Pattern
His Etsy Store

Jamie Page: Scroll Saw Art of Bobby Duke
JP Woodwork Youtube, Bobby Duke Video

Tim Bernico: Praying Hands Intarsia from a Judy Gale Roberts Pattern

Owen Morse: Bed Frame

Kurt Tuttle: Routered Frog from a Kathy Wise Pattern.

Ron Borman: Necklace Tree
Ron is a missionary in Ecuador. Check out his website to see what he does. Borman Broadcast

Thanks everyone for sharing your awesome projects! Keep it up and I would love to see what else you create!

If you would like to have something you’ve made shared on a future episode of OPP then send me a picture, tell me where you’re from, and tell me a little about the project. Just put OPP in the subject line! You can contact me through email, facebook, Youtube, or anywhere.


OPP December 2018

On today’s episode of OPP, Other People’s Projects, we have projects from:

Claudio Nestor Rodriguez: Pencil Intarsia . His YouTube Channel

Hămįd Məđđāh: Cars and trucks. His Facebook page

Steve Baker: Intarsia Eagle. He owns Cross Timbers Wood Crafts 

Chris Smith: Bobba Fet Intarsia/Segmentation. He owns the Woodgineer Blog, Video

Dennis DuPerron: Intarsia Rose. His social media: Woodden


You Tube


Andrew T. Newton: Jude Sign for memorial garden. Genesis 1:12 on the back,  “The earth produced vegetation: the various kinds of seed-bearing plants and the fruit trees with seed inside, each corresponding to its own species. God saw that it was good.”

Ron Gallata: Intarsia whale and dog

Ron Sweat: Intarsia Eagle, bird house, and butterfly house. eagle and houses. Isaiah 40:31 on the back of the eagle, “But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest;  they will walk and not become tired.”

James Beaton: Intarsia dog.

Thanks for sharing your projects everyone!!!

If you would like to have a project shown on OPP please send me a picture and any information you would like me to share about the project. Email and Facebook are easy ways to send your projects to me!



OPP November 9, 2018

This episode of OPP (Other People’s Projects) includes these awesome people and their projects:

Ron Sweat: Intarsia Raccoon (pattern by Judy Gale Roberts)

Hămįd Məđđāh: Violin and Intarsia Dog His Facebook page

Lydia Borman: Dragon Wood burned Sign. Her Website: Amazon Ninja 

Jim Reitz: T-Rex (Steve Good design) and Fox (Sarah Chamberlain design)

Ron Ostromecki: Intarsia Cute Flower (pattern on intarsia designs )

Kerby Ross: Snake Carvings His Website   Snake Carving Page

Don Ogle: 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Kurt Tuttle: Hand Routered Soldier Plaques

Ron Gallatta : Intarsia Corvette and Intarsia Lighthouse

Husband: Maple Dressers for us


If you would like to share an item on OPP please send me an email, facebook message, twitter tweet, instagram gram or whatever!

I would love to see and share what you’ve made!

OPP March 7, 2018

In this episode of OPP, or other People’s Projects I am sharing a variety of item handmade by Mike Turner, Ron Ostromecki, Linda Bush, Don Ogle, Owen Morse, Claudio Nestor Rodriguez, and Willy Melendez Cruz. Thanks to all of you for sharing these with me and allowing me to share them with others!!!

I look forward to seeing what everyone is doing and I enjoy sharing them on my channel. If you would like me to share something you’ve created send me an email, Instagram, or facebook message. We all get inspired to make stuff when we see what others have made!!!

Mike Turner-gift for retiring airman and firefighter

Ron Ostromecki- dog in bed, pattern by Judy Gale Roberts, available only in Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine. Order issue #1 here.

Linda bush- 26-inch puppy sign and Christmas ornaments

Don Ogle– cross design by Sheila Landry and turned pen

Owen Morse– Pine desk, pencil box, and bookshelf

Claudio Nestor Rodriguez– cockatoo bird intarsia

Willy Melendez Cruz– mug for Husband

Judy Gale Roberts Intarsia Patterns

Sheila Landry Scroll Saw Patterns

Intarsia Bugs and Daffy for the new Grandbaby!!!

I have been wanting to make Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck for a while. And now I have a new grandbaby coming soon! Since I decorated my son’s first room with Warner Bros. characters eons ago, I thought it would be perfect to make these for his new daughter for her first room! And he was just fine with that and even helped put the Danish Oil on Daffy.

On Bugs I used Blue Pine, Walnut, Cedar, Holly, and Pink Ivory. On Daffy I used Walnut, Padauk, and Holly.

Matthew 24:35 (NIV) Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.            

1 Corinthians 13:8 (NIV) Love never fails…

Marine Corps Emblem

Husband asked me to make a Marine Corp themed project. He really liked a picture of the emblem so I used that to make this project for him. In the video I show how I made everything and also give a little history of Husband’s time in the Marines.

Joshua 1:9 (NCV)  Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid, because the Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go.

New Shop Tour and stuff!

In this video I show how the little shop is set up so far and take a peek at the empty-ish shed. I have most of my things moved from the little shed to the new shop, but organizing will be a forever process so I put stuff in places and just started working on some projects!!! I also had a visitor recently, Andrew from Heavyboxes DIY Master; we have a collaboration video coming out soon. While Andrew was here, we invited Linn and her hubby from Darbin Orvar, and we all had dinner together, and it was a great time!
I have lots of projects in the works, yay!!!!

Heavyboxes DIY Master

Darbin Orvar