Concrete Pad for the shop and Compass Mosaic!

I made this compass in February 2017. Here is link to that video: Compass Mosaic 

I wanted to put the compass in some concrete in the yard of the house in Newport but there wasn’t a place for it to go. So now since the Prineville shop needs a concrete pad outside the door we decided it would be a great place for the compass! So in this video we get the concrete pad in place and give the compass a home.

I have never seated a mosaic in concrete before so I am not sure if this was the best way to do it, but it worked!

I wanted to let you know I’ve put links to some of the things I used in this video (or similar) down below. Some are affiliate links and some are not. So if you’re curious about something I used link away. Or send me an email if you have questions about something!

PRO FOR SHO Earmuffs

I am wearing the Poppy Red Pro For Sho 34dB NRR Hearing Protection Earmuffs  

10% OFF Coupon Code on any Pro For Sho protective earmuffs: CYCORNER  

Find the earmuffs here: Pro For Sho Earmuffs


Pre-Mixed Thin-Set Mortar 1 QT

Powdered Thin-set Mortar – 50 lb bag (Gray)

Unsanded grout, silver

Small grout float

Grouting sponge (3 pack)

Small buckets with shovels (pack of 6)


Goodbye Newport Shop, Hello Prineville!

We not only emptied out the shop in Newport but closed up the big door and put carpet in it. So it is definitely not a shop anymore. Everything has been moved to the Prineville shop!!! We are still in the process of putting things away and organizing in the new shop but it is fully functional!!! We will be all moved to Prineville soon!!! I will miss the beach but Prineville is only 200 miles from Newport!!!


Workbench for the Shop

We wanted a large simple workbench for the center of the shop in Prineville. I watched a video by April Wilkerson where she makes one that fit our idea perfectly! So we purchased her plans and made the bench! I haven’t liked having my equipment on casters but the casters we put on this thing are awesome! With these casters, the bench sits solid with its legs on the floor until you step on the lever and engage the casters. Then the casters lift the table and allow you to roll on the wheels! No locking involved, just on wheels or not on wheels!

April Wilkerson’s video

Get the plans


Making Full Extension Shelves for My Workstations

I made some full extension pull out shelves on the bottoms of my workstations. I watched an awesome tutorial video by Jay Bates to help me through it. Jay’s video is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, but he is finished with the tutorial by 2:25. So if you want to learn this quickly then I recommend you go to his video. I have the link below. This video of mine is edited some and sped up during certain parts but it still took me 6 times longer than Jay. I am keeping it this long length so others, like me who haven’t done this before, can see that it can be done even if you have to struggle through!!! It took me 2 days to make 6 shelves, but they are awesome!!!

Jay Bates’ Tutorial Video   (Jay’s Video is 3:30 long. He was all done by 2:25.)

Update on the New Shop, June 2018

We had a week to spend at the new shop so we got a few things done on our list. I worked on adding full extension shelves to my workstations while Husband worked on the compressed air system. We had an adventure picking up the 20 foot 4 inch PVC pipe and help from one of our neighbors (thanks Tom!) to lift the dust collector. I also added a few stickers to the sticker map. I have links to all of the channels that I mentioned down below.

If you would like to sticker swap just send me a sticker or business card and I will send you one of mine. Use the address located in the description box of the YouTube video, I will keep this updated since it will be changing once we move!!!

Darbin Orvar

Carl Jacobson

Wood Whisperer

Makers Media Network

The Green Woodworker Podcast

Frank Makes

William Melendez-Cruz- Total Graffix Workx

Murph’s Workshop

Jorg Bastelt

Phil Cannon Woodworking


Building Workstations in the New Shop

We worked on the retirement shop building three different sized workstations. We will be moving there this summer so for now we spend long weekends setting things up. Husband designed these workstations after asking me what it is that I wanted. The first thing I wanted was for the stations to be positioned so I could see out the windows at the awesome view!!! Next was a smooth top that wouldn’t bow and big open spaces inside the cabinets. I like the end result so far. We will be adding some full extension shelves or drawers next. Yay!!!


Sticker Map Relocation

I moved the sticker map to the retirement shop since that shop is all done and ready for us. Husband just has to retire now! This is the third time I have moved the map and this is where it will be from now on. (Louisiana, Oregon Coast, and now Central Oregon) A few stickers have gotten damaged during the moves and it seems I have lost some too. I hope to get stickers from those folks again! I am super happy to have the sticker map up with all of the strings pointing to where the sticker (and their people) come from. I attempted to organize the strings by color according to the color wheel. I was lacking some green-yellow and green-blue string so I had to make due with browns and blacks. I used some white too. I wanted each state to have its own color but its hard to find that many colors of string! 😊 I think it looks really cool and I am stoked about adding more stickers to it! Please send stickers and I will send you one of mine!
As of today’s date you can send stickers to:
Cy’s Corner PO Box 2173 Newport, Oregon 97365
If it is six months or so after January 2018 check on the about section of my YouTube channel for the most up to date address. Or send me an email for the correct address 🙂

Putting Epoxy on the Shop Floor

We have been working on the shop in Prineville on the weekends. It is pretty much finished so now we are ready to put epoxy on the floor. We did 600 feet one weekend and the rest of the floor on another weekend. In this video we are doing that first 600 square feet. We learned a lot about putting down this epoxy and we think it turned out really great! It was much easier than I expected it to be!