Shed Update January 2017, and stuff I’ve been doing lately!

A quick update and a song or so!  I talk about a project in the works, a messed up mosaic that I ended up liking a lot, a video I had done about what I do to get over the blues, working on some stuff for family, building a new little shop, driftwood, and the Bigfoot Festival coming in August!

2016 goin’ on 17

A quick review of 2016!!! Lots happened this year, and lots of stuff already starting to happen for 2017, like a new shop!!! Thanks everyone for watching and riding along as we moved from Louisiana back to Oregon, remodeled our house, got the shed turned into my new little corner, and said goodbye to our Johnny dog. God bless everyone in 2017!!!



Here’s the future shop!

I stopped by the house we are buying to show everyone the shed that is going to be my future shop!!! I can see a sliver of the ocean from the yard. In the video I pop over to the actual beach and show you where the house is from there. Then back to the shed to take a walk inside. I am so excited to get started making some stuff!!! Less than 2 weeks and I can!!!  Whoooo Hooooo!!!!

Shop Update, we made it to Oregon!

We moved!!! We took 6 days to drive from Louisiana to the Coast of Oregon! We are living in a hotel for awhile until we can move into our little house. I am planning on setting up my corner in an 8×8 shed…. That’s a whopping 64 square feet…can I do it??? We shall see 🙂

Here is my new post office box:

P.O. Box 2173, Newport, Oregon 97365

If you want to sticker swap, just send me a sticker and I will send you one back!

Baton Rouge Capitol Building Adventure

I really enjoy the view from the Baton Rouge Capitol. In this video Husband and I go up the elevators (one is very teency) to check out the view from the top. This is the last video while living in Louisiana. We are heading off to Oregon and I will see you from there!!!

Bye Bye Louisiana, it was a fun 3 years!!!

Stickers and Guess What !?!


I got some more stickers to add to the sticker map!!! I am also announcing that we are moving back to Oregon. We have been in Louisiana for 3 years and are heading back to the North West soon! I have had a great time while in Louisiana and have even enjoyed the hot and humid days (probably because I can cool down in the air conditioning). I have one more project video to come out and the next time I make a project it will be in Oregon! I have a few short videos of some Louisiana adventures I experienced so I will post those while I am transitioning from Louisiana to Oregon!


Merry Christmas!

I was getting a bit edgy with travel plans and gift ideas.  Finding that I was slumping into stress mode, I had to remind myself what this Christmas celebration is really about.  So I re-focused on the real reason for Christmas, and the promise that comes with the Little Baby’s birth.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!

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