Newport Octopus Routered Sign

I found an awesome picture of an octopus and I thought it would be really cool to router it!!! I added Newport below the octopus since that is the town I live in right now and it is on the coast!

Vector genius 

Psalm 69:34 (NCV) Heaven and earth should praise him, the seas and everything in them.


Making Full Extension Shelves for My Workstations

I made some full extension pull out shelves on the bottoms of my workstations. I watched an awesome tutorial video by Jay Bates to help me through it. Jay’s video is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, but he is finished with the tutorial by 2:25. So if you want to learn this quickly then I recommend you go to his video. I have the link below. This video of mine is edited some and sped up during certain parts but it still took me 6 times longer than Jay. I am keeping it this long length so others, like me who haven’t done this before, can see that it can be done even if you have to struggle through!!! It took me 2 days to make 6 shelves, but they are awesome!!!

Jay Bates’ Tutorial Video   (Jay’s Video is 3:30 long. He was all done by 2:25.)

Update on the New Shop, June 2018

We had a week to spend at the new shop so we got a few things done on our list. I worked on adding full extension shelves to my workstations while Husband worked on the compressed air system. We had an adventure picking up the 20 foot 4 inch PVC pipe and help from one of our neighbors (thanks Tom!) to lift the dust collector. I also added a few stickers to the sticker map. I have links to all of the channels that I mentioned down below.

If you would like to sticker swap just send me a sticker or business card and I will send you one of mine. Use the address located in the description box of the YouTube video, I will keep this updated since it will be changing once we move!!!

Darbin Orvar

Carl Jacobson

Wood Whisperer

Makers Media Network

The Green Woodworker Podcast

Frank Makes

William Melendez-Cruz- Total Graffix Workx

Murph’s Workshop

Jorg Bastelt

Phil Cannon Woodworking


Cy’s Corner Sign Intarsia Like

I made the routered sign for my new shop and ended up not really liking it. So I made another one to replace it. This time I made it intarsia like, so the house and the sun of my logo are what I enjoy doing the most! I took down the routered sign and put the new sign up in its place which is right next to the sticker map in the new shop!

Proverbs 16:3 (NCV) Depend on the LORD in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.


Building Workstations in the New Shop

We worked on the retirement shop building three different sized workstations. We will be moving there this summer so for now we spend long weekends setting things up. Husband designed these workstations after asking me what it is that I wanted. The first thing I wanted was for the stations to be positioned so I could see out the windows at the awesome view!!! Next was a smooth top that wouldn’t bow and big open spaces inside the cabinets. I like the end result so far. We will be adding some full extension shelves or drawers next. Yay!!!


Jesus Routered Sign

I tried routering differently than I had been doing it. I used a ¼ inch round nose bit to outline Jesus and then used an SC-50 bit to outline the smaller words. With more practice it could look nice and crisp, but I like the message of the sign, so here it is. 🙂

John 14:6 (NCV) Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.”

Questions about this verse? Email me 😊



Intarsia/Segmentation Horse

I found a stained glass pattern of a horse and used it for an intarsia pattern. Since I cut most of the head and the mane out of the same pieces of wood it is called segmentation. But I did use other pieces too so that would also make it an intarsia! I used walnut, zebra wood, wenge, and a small piece of pecan.

The Link to goes to the website, which appears to be gone, but there is a facebook group: Karal Studios Facebook 

Here is the original pattern on my pinterest page: Horse pattern on Cy’s Corner Pinterest

Job 39:24 (NCV) With great excitement, the horse races over the ground; and it cannot stand still when it hears the trumpet.

Benches for the Red Alder Table

We started on these benches in February and worked on them when we were in Prineville on weekends. This video is about making the benches, seeing snow in March, watching a one antlered buck chewing, and Wally and Gibbs running up the driveway. It was nice to get the benches all done and we really like how they turned out. And they are Red Alder, just like the table.  

Vanco Welcome Sign

Our friends Mike and Becky came over to our house in Prineville for the weekend! Mike and Husband worked on a dirt moving project in the yard while Becky and I worked in the shop making a welcome sign!!! They brought their lab named Blue and she hung out with us in the shop when she wasn’t exploring with Wally and Gibbs. Becky wanted the sign to match some aspects of their logo, making the W look like metal studs and the O looking like a screw head. So with that in mind, we got on it and made the welcome sign!!! This video shows what we did to make that sign!!!




Oregon Sign

I saw a sign similar to this when I was watching Make a Wood Sign when Eric was sharing pictures of what other folks have made. So I put this together!!!

This sign making thing, man am I hooked. I did start a little intarsia though, so I am dabbling in both!!!

Isaiah 52:7 (NCV) How beautiful is the person who comes over the mountains to bring good news, who announces peace and brings good news, who announces salvation and says to Jerusalem, “Your God is King.”

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