“I thought I saw a zebra…”

We were driving home from Dallas, Texas and somewhere in Louisiana I thought I saw a zebra.  Husband turned the truck around for me and we pulled into a dental office, and lo and behold!, a bunch of Shetland ponies and a zebra out in the pasture.  Who’d a thought?  Coolio!  At a dental office, wow!


Making My Toothbrush Whirligig

This is my first whirligig, and after watching all of the entries I was very impressed.  It is not easy to make these things.  Folks must know what they are doing!!!  I struggled along making this and it functions, but not well, I think it would take hurricane force winds to make it work.  Good thing I live in Louisiana.  I learned a lot of what not to do, and I also learned that black tape is really handy!

Mel Shaped Band Saw Box

Cy has been wanting to make a band saw box.   She watched some videos and printed off a few ideas from Steve Carmichael.  She meshed two ideas together, Mr. Enamel Tooth + a few drawers from Steve and made a band saw box.  She ends up with another ‘what is it good for’ project, but finds it to be handy for keeping some floss in the shop.