Marine Corps Emblem

Husband asked me to make a Marine Corp themed project. He really liked a picture of the emblem so I used that to make this project for him. In the video I show how I made everything and also give a little history of Husband’s time in the Marines.

Joshua 1:9 (NCV)  Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid, because the Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go.

Assembly, Picnic Basket Collaboration with Heavyboxes!

In this video, Andrew, from Heavyboxes DIY Master, is here in Oregon to put together the picnic basket he made and attach the decorations that I made. We had a lot of fun and silliness while we worked together. To see how he made the box, how I made the decorations, and to watch Andrew’s assembly video, click on this playlist. Thanks Andrew, it was great fun!!!

Cy’s Decorations, Picnic Basket Collaboration with Heavyboxes!

I am doing a collaboration project with Andrew from Heavyboxes. He is making a picnic basket and I am decorating it. I made a few different food items from pine and some more out of hardwoods.  Oh, and a few ants showed up! The plan is for Andrew to come to Oregon so we can assemble the picnic basket he made and decorate it with the things I made! Check out Andrew’s video of making the picnic basket, and then check out our videos of putting the project together on the collaboration playlist.

New Shop Tour and stuff!

In this video I show how the little shop is set up so far and take a peek at the empty-ish shed. I have most of my things moved from the little shed to the new shop, but organizing will be a forever process so I put stuff in places and just started working on some projects!!! I also had a visitor recently, Andrew from Heavyboxes DIY Master; we have a collaboration video coming out soon. While Andrew was here, we invited Linn and her hubby from Darbin Orvar, and we all had dinner together, and it was a great time!
I have lots of projects in the works, yay!!!!

Heavyboxes DIY Master

Darbin Orvar

New Shop, Part 8 of 8, Finished enough!!!

This is the final video in the shop project series! The little Oregon shop is not completely done, we have some little things to do including trim work and paint, but it is done enough! We really love that we added a deck to it. The whole idea of the deck is so I can pull the sander out there and sand outside. This should keep the dust amount down inside the shop. I already have all of the tools from the shed moved into the shop and have a project in full swing!!! I’ve shifted things around and rolled the large equipment into the guest room to see how that works, and it is fantastic!!! This leaves plenty of room in the shop to work on other things while I am not using those big tools!

New Shop, Siding and Big Door, Part 7

We are continuing to work on the shop! We put up the siding and put in the big side door! We talked about having a concrete ramp at the new door, but have decided a deck would be better!  This little shop keeps getting more and more complex! It’s been fun saying what if we do this…and then doing it! We should have things completed soon, but for now here is Part 7, putting up the siding and making the big door. Part 8 is coming soon. 🙂


Johnny Mosaic

When I made the compass mosaic I discovered the pieces had ragged edges after snipping. I thought these pieces would be perfect for making a mosaic of Johnny, it would be like his cute fluffy hair! In this video I show pictures of Johnny while I am working on the mosaic. We sure miss the little guy, thanks for all the love Johnny!

Some history for those who do not know who Johnny is. Johnny was our little yorkie-chihuahua pooch. He was a self assured little dog, with a big dog attitude. We got Johnny when he was a few weeks old. He was dark in color and as he grew he turned blonde! Some days he just wanted to be held or close to me while I was working in the shop. I had a carrier for him and made a little pillow so he would be comfortable in it. He spent a lot of time in the carrier, so he is in a lot of Cy’s Corner videos. We lived in Oregon, then moved to Louisiana, and after 3 years we moved back to Oregon. We learned that Johnny had cancer shortly after moving back to Oregon, he passed away in October 2016. He was only six years old. I have a video playlist of walks with Johnny. Most of these walks are in Louisiana, but a few are from Oregon. Exploring Oregon playlist are also walks with Johnny. His memory lives on in pictures and videos. What a great friend he was.

New Shop, Flooring and Murphy Bed, Part 6

Since we have done so much to the back room we decided to add flooring to it. It went really fast putting this flooring in and then we were ready to put together the Murphy Bed. We had to do some adjusting of brackets and make some notches so the feet would extend fully, but we got it done!  Now I have a room to keep my rollable tools, and a place for guests to sleep! Now to finish the rest of the shop!