Cy’s Logging Truck, Collaboration with RC Works

Robert from RC Works and I talked about making some toys out of wood. I mailed him wood from my area (Oregon Coast) and he mailed me some wood from his area (Mountains of Colorado). I decided to make a logging truck as that is a very mountainy thing. Go check out his video (see the link below) and see what he made from the wood I sent him!
This was the first time I made something like this and it was challenging but fun! I did put a verse on the deck of the truck and I thought it fit very well. It is 1 Kings 5:6 (NCV), and it says, “So send your men to cut down cedar trees for me… ”
I also made up a logging company (Sawing Logs, LLC) and put their name on the doors of the truck and added a hood ornament (a “Z”). I show this at the end of the video while the Cy’s Corner end-of-the-show theme song is playing.

This was great fun and I look forward to making more vehicles!

RC Works YouTube
RC Works Collaboration Video

I got the Logging Truck pattern from Bear Woods
1 Kings 5:6 (NCV) So send your men to cut down cedar trees for me…



Eye of the Zebra

I found a picture of a close up of a zebra face and I thought it would be fun to router. So I routered the zebra and then made an intarsia eye using teak, padauk, ebony, and Oregon lilac. I think it looks really cool but most people I have showed it to think it looks creepy. So I dunno. I just like it for some reason.  

Psalm 139: 14 (NCV) I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well.

Hummingbird Intarsia

I found a photo of a hummingbird and traced it on a light box so I could make an intarsia from it. I changed it some by adding another foot so it looks more angled. I like that because it shows off the belly a bit more which has a color variation in the blue pine and is lighter in color! I think it looks cool. 🙂

The wood types I used are holly, yellow heart, padauk, blue pine, and ebony.

Psalm 50:11 (NCV) I know every bird on the mountains and every living thing in the fields is mine.


Workbench for the Shop

We wanted a large simple workbench for the center of the shop in Prineville. I watched a video by April Wilkerson where she makes one that fit our idea perfectly! So we purchased her plans and made the bench! I haven’t liked having my equipment on casters but the casters we put on this thing are awesome! With these casters, the bench sits solid with its legs on the floor until you step on the lever and engage the casters. Then the casters lift the table and allow you to roll on the wheels! No locking involved, just on wheels or not on wheels!

April Wilkerson’s video

Get the plans


OPP June 29, 2018

On today’s episode of OPP, I have projects made by:

Mark Fishburn – Two lamps.

Dennis Duperron- Name plate sign and arrowhead.

Jolien Brebels- Volkswagen Bus. Jolien’s Facebook Page

Ron Ostromecki- Hummingbird and Wren from Judy Gale Roberts patterns. A Shark from Intarsia Designs.

Don Ogle- Hummingbird from a Steve Good pattern. He added Matthew 6:26 to the back. 

Kurt Tuttle- Flag routered sign.

A Guy with Wood, Andrew- purple heart, alder, and walnut pen and cocktail table with a chainsaw base. His Facebook Page.

Becky Nickle- First ever intaria of a cross. Facebook is Lady of Semi-Leisure by Becky Nickle. 

Randy Noble- New to making signs.

Phill Gavin- Kathy wise intarsia yellow collared love birds.


If you have a project you would like to share on OPP send me an email or Facebook message!!!

Here are links to find some of the patterns you saw on the episode!

Judy Gale Roberts Intarsia 

Kathy Wise Intarsia 

Steve Good Scroll Saw Patterns 

Intarsia Designs 

OPP June 12, 2018

In this episode of OPP I am sharing projects from:

Charles Wehrheim– Five projects: cedar sign, anniversary sign, Steve Good pattern used for a router sign, gold fish intarsia, and a barnwood family sign.

Owen Morse- Planter boxes from fence wood and a shoe tower made from sheet pine.

Lou LoGiudice- Intarsia seashell made with monkey pod and beech. Lou’s YouTube channel: Your Trash My Treasure

My granddaughter, Nadine, also made a short video to shout out about her friend who has made a gaming YouTube channel: Gamingwithlexie 

If you would like have your project shared on a future OPP episode please send it to me via email (, Facebook, or any other way you’d like. Make sure to include a little bit about the piece and any website, YouTube channel, or Facebook page you would like me to share.  


Making Full Extension Shelves for My Workstations

I made some full extension pull out shelves on the bottoms of my workstations. I watched an awesome tutorial video by Jay Bates to help me through it. Jay’s video is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, but he is finished with the tutorial by 2:25. So if you want to learn this quickly then I recommend you go to his video. I have the link below. This video of mine is edited some and sped up during certain parts but it still took me 6 times longer than Jay. I am keeping it this long length so others, like me who haven’t done this before, can see that it can be done even if you have to struggle through!!! It took me 2 days to make 6 shelves, but they are awesome!!!

Jay Bates’ Tutorial Video   (Jay’s Video is 3:30 long. He was all done by 2:25.)

Update on the New Shop, June 2018

We had a week to spend at the new shop so we got a few things done on our list. I worked on adding full extension shelves to my workstations while Husband worked on the compressed air system. We had an adventure picking up the 20 foot 4 inch PVC pipe and help from one of our neighbors (thanks Tom!) to lift the dust collector. I also added a few stickers to the sticker map. I have links to all of the channels that I mentioned down below.

If you would like to sticker swap just send me a sticker or business card and I will send you one of mine. Use the address located in the description box of the YouTube video, I will keep this updated since it will be changing once we move!!!

Darbin Orvar

Carl Jacobson

Wood Whisperer

Makers Media Network

The Green Woodworker Podcast

Frank Makes

William Melendez-Cruz- Total Graffix Workx

Murph’s Workshop

Jorg Bastelt

Phil Cannon Woodworking


Cy’s Corner Sign Intarsia Like

I made the routered sign for my new shop and ended up not really liking it. So I made another one to replace it. This time I made it intarsia like, so the house and the sun of my logo are what I enjoy doing the most! I took down the routered sign and put the new sign up in its place which is right next to the sticker map in the new shop!

Proverbs 16:3 (NCV) Depend on the LORD in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.