Grandkids Week August 2019

In August we had the three oldest grandkids for a week. Nadine, Noah, and Ella. The youngest, Nev, didn’t come for the week because she’s just too little yet, but she did come for the family barbecue at the end of the week and did stay with us for a bit.

This video is all about the adventures we had during the time with the kids. It is mostly for husband and I to treasure the memories, but if you want to watch you are more than welcome. 😊

We did a bunch of stuff! We explored, painted rocks, driftwood, and saws. We tie dyed shirts, painted the clubhouse door, went to the reservoir, put hand prints on the pump house. Spent some time at the park and ended the week with a family picnic.

This is a yearly event so we look forward to next August!!!

Nadine facets gems for a hobby! Check out her Instagram page!!! Ilovegreenrocks


Grandkids Clubhouse Build

This video is all about the Clubhouse Husband built for the Grandkids!!! Husband and I give a short intro and then show pictures of the progress of the build.

If anyone has any questions about the build just send an email.

This was a huge project and we were excited to reveal it to the Grandkids!!!

OPP August 2019

This months episode features projects made by:

Phill Gavin- Band saw boxes. Patterns from The Drunken Woodworker (Make something) David Picciuto Bandsaw Box book

Sonia Peterson-Squirrel Intarsia (Kathy Wise Pattern), Sharpei Head (Kathy Wise Pattern), Cat (Judy Gale Roberts Pattern)

Kathy Wise Intarsia for Beginners Book

Judy Gale Roberts books:  Wildlife Intarsia, 2nd Edition

Dennis DuPerron- Seattle Sea Hawks emblem 

Dennis DuPerron YouTube Channel

Kurt Tuttle- Routered Rose from a pattern in Fall 2019 Scrollsaw Magazine, and Innie/Outie routered birds 

Robert Held- Routered picture of his dad while in the Navy during WW2, Routered 4-H signs, and Routered 1940 Ford Pickup sign.

Barry Alcott- Pine Tree intarsia, pattern by Scott L. Gielish, Fairy/Princess wands from Jolien Brebels’ Youtube channel, Ripsnorters race cars from Snazzy Toys book, and Animal Cars. 

LaRoy Severson- Oregon Trivets made from Oak with his CNC that he built. 

If you would like to share an item on OPP please send me an email (I prefer this over Facebook.) Please put OPP in the subject line! Please follow up if you haven’t heard from me since I can’t seem to find stuff sometimes, especially on Facebook! 

I would love to see and share what you’ve made!

Barn Intarsia

In this video I make a barn intarsia from a pattern by Judy Gale Roberts. I used purple heart, walnut, spalted maple, camphor burl, fir, banksia pod, oak, and blue pine.

A link to the pattern can be found below.

Links to items I used while working on the project are also below. Some are affiliate links which give me a kick back if someone orders something.

Since my Woodtek sander is no longer available I have included two links to some other pneumatic drum sanders that people have been really happy with.

Proverbs 3:9-10 (NCV)

Honor the Lord with your wealth and the firstfruits from all your crops. 10 Then your barns will be full, and your wine barrels will overflow with new wine.

New Living Translation Bible


Peel and Stick

Barn Pattern by Judy Gale Roberts

3M 77 Super Multipurpose Adhesive Spray

Hegner Multimax 22-V Variable Speed Scroll Saw


General Finishes Top Coat

DAP Super Glue

Colwood Woodburner

Watco Danish Oil Natural

Recommended Sanders:

Grizzly G8749 – Drum / Flap Sander

King Arthur’s Tools 11340 Guinevere Basic System For Sanding

Chocolate Rose Intarsia

I’ve been wanting to make a chocolate intarsia for quite a while now.  I actually tried it a few years ago but didn’t have the right materials, but now I have silicone to make a mold!  So in this video I attempt to make a chocolate rose intarsia. The pattern is by Kathy wise and there’s a link down below if you want to order her book that has the pattern in it. I also have links to the silicone that I used, the acrylic spray I used, and my favorite chocolate recipe.  I didn’t perfect the technique in this video so I want to try it again, but it did look cool and it was yummy!

(these are affiliate links which means I get a few cents if you click and buy!!!….except the chocolate recipe ) 🙂

Smooth-Sil 940 Food Grade Mold Making Silicone Rubber – Trial Unit

Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear in 11-Ounce Aerosol

Cy’s Favorite Chocolate recipe

Kathy Wise Intarsia Rose pattern can be found in her book: Intarsia Woodworking Projects

OPP July 2019

This months episode of OPP features projects submitted by:

Jeff Robinson– Cowhide and Oak key chains. Steve Good pattern. 

Owen Morse– Sign made from beech and oak.

Phill Gavin– Sea shell projects and baby toy hippo.

Andy McConnell Horseshoe Fairy Door.

Tony Pitzer  Hummingbird from Acrylic, Outdoor sign, Rose intarsia from Scroll Saw Magazine, and Oak knife from Steve Good design.

Tony Pitzer’s YouTube channel

Jerry from Prineville Pin ball machine made from wood.  

James Beaton Pelican intarsia, Gone Fishing sign with intarsia fish, Intarsia Sword fish, and Butterfly on flower intarsia. All Judy Gale Roberts patterns.

Ron Gollatta Motorcycle intarsia and Boats intarsia. Patterns by Judy Gale Roberts.

Ron Ostromecki Owl intarsias. Patterns by Judy Gale Roberts. Owl in stump pattern appeared in Wood Magazine in the year 1988.

Bob Templeton Sharing what he found in the Nation Quilt Museum in Paducah, Ky. Carved wood and watercolor quilt called “Floating” created by Fraser Smith.

The Quilt Show Daily Blog

Fraser Smith Facebook

Fraser Smith Website

If you would like to share an item on OPP please send me an email, Facebook message, Twitter tweet, Instagram gram or whatever! Please put OPP in the subject line! Please follow up if you haven’t heard from me since I can’t seem to find stuff on Facebook sometimes! 

I would love to see and share what you’ve made!

Digging Steps to the Clubhouse and a little shop update to pass the time

I’ve wanted to build a path from the house to the shop and I want to make it like the path to the beach we always went on in Newport. So I thought making some steps up to the clubhouse would be great practice. In this video I dig the steps (and believe me it was quite the chore!). And since it is a tad boring to watch me dig I decided to do a little shop update and chit chat some too. 

Super Easy Way to Change a Band Saw Tire

I ruined my band saw tires so I needed to replace them, something I had never done before. This video shows how easy it is to do! I was surprised!!!

That’s the short story and the gist of the video.

The long story is I ended up taking the wheels off to do it. I watched a helpful video and contacted fellow YouTuber Ed from Unemployed Redneck Hillbilly Creations. He emailed me right back and was very helpful. Here are some links to his channel and his video that helped me.

Unemployed Redneck Hillbilly Creations (Ed) 

Laguna 18bx Bottom Replacement Wheel Arrived. Repair And Final Impressions

I also found an awesome video showing how to put on a band saw tire easily. Here is the link to that video: 

Band Saw Tire Installation Jig Video

My video is basically doing almost exactly what they did in their video, and it worked amazingly well!

So if you need to change your band saw tires, this is a super quick and easy way to do it…once you have the wheels off that is!

Building a Cupola

Husband is building a clubhouse for the grandkids and he asked me to make the cupola that goes on top. He gave me the directions and I waded through them and got it done. I made a few mishaps along the way and discovered I really need to brush up on my math skills….but Husband’s math brains came to the rescue. Once the clubhouse is all done I will post a clubhouse build video.

Video Series: Acrylic Pour Experiments

Acrylic Pour Experiment #1

I have heard about and have seen acrylic pour paintings. I have to paint a door and husband gave me the Liberty to paint it however I want so I thought it’d be really cool to paint it with an acrylic pour. So since I’ve never done it before, I thought I should practice. I ended up practicing a lot so I decided to make a four-part video series on my pouring practices. This is video number one. 

Acrylic Pour Experiment #2

This is my second video in the series where I am trying out acrylic pouring. In this video I try making a feather. It turned out sorta of feather like. If you want to see an awesome feather check out this video, wow!!! Smart Art Material

Acrylic Pour Experiment #3

This is the third video in the series where I try am trying acrylic pours. In this video, I pour a resin layer over the top of the finished acrylic painting. I need some practice on that too, but I am learning a lot and having fun with it.

TotalBoat did an awesome thing! When you use the discount code “cyscorner” you will get 10% off your order at TotalBoat

Acrylic Pour Experiment #4

This is the fourth and final video in the acrylic pouring experiments video series. In this video I am using TotalBoat acrylic resin for the entire pour. This seems to be totally different than pouring with acrylic paints so I felt like I was starting over. Colored resin is so pretty and retains that prettiness even after it is dry. So I hope I can figure this out and make some cool looking stuff!!! For now, I am still a novice, but an excited one! 

John 1:14  (NCV)
The Word became a human and lived among us. We saw his glory—the glory that belongs to the only Son of the Father—and he was full of grace and truth.

Revelation 15:8 (NCV)
The temple was filled with smoke from the glory and the power of God, and no one could enter the temple….

1 Corinthians 10:31 (NCV)
The answer is, if you eat or drink, or if you do anything, do it all for the glory of God.

Luke 2:14  (NCV)
“Give glory to God in heaven,  and on earth let there be peace among the people who please God.”

Philippians 2:11 (NCV)
And everyone will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord  and bring glory to God the Father.

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Resin calculator website: Art Resin Calculator

Affiliate links:

New Century Version Bible:

Acrylic Paint Set