Flight Feather Creations, a project for my neighbor.

My neighbor, Richard, asked me to make a plaque him. Flight Feather Creations is the name of his hobby in which he writes and does all sorts of wood working. He is 81 years old and continues to grow in creativity. I enjoyed making this for him and am honored that he asked me if I would.

Also, I have some protective gear that I am trying out. The companies have given me some deals for my viewers. Pro For Show, which provided me with the protective earmuffs, will give you a 10% discount if you use the code CYCORNER and Protect Life, which provided me with the disposable dust mask, will give you 30% off when you use the code PROLIFE30. So if you would like to check them out look at the links below!  

Isaiah 40:31 (NCV) But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired.

Protect Life Masks

Get 30% off with the code: PROLIFE30

Can be used on first aid kits and dust masks.

Protect Life website

Click here to go to the mask I am wearing 


PRO FOR SHO Earmuffs

I am wearing the Poppy Red Pro For Sho 34dB NRR Hearing Protection Earmuffs  

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Here are some links to some of the things I used in this video. Some are affiliate links and some are not. So if you’re curious about something I used link away. Or send me an email if you have questions about something!

Diamond Grit Files Set

Blue tape (Scotch Blue painter’s tape, 2 pack)

Elmer’s Glue stick (2 pack)

Diamond Grit Files Set of 10

Loctite General Performance (multipurpose) Spray adhesive

Pegas Modified Geometry Pinless Scroll Saw Blades Variety Intro Pack

KISS drill bit system including drill bits

KISS drill bit system empty

100, 150, 22O grits sandpaper

Woodtek Pneumatic Drum Sander



Shop Update and Chat-a-roo, September 2018

August was a very busy but fun month! I wanted to tell everyone about our fun month and do a little shop update. Some stuff I mention in the video include having the grandkids for a few weeks, camping for one week, wondering if the sticker craze is over, husband retiring and starting some projects, my projects in the works, and how we are continually working on setting up the shop.

Cy’s Corner’s new address:

PO Box 104

Prineville, Oregon 97754

OPP September 8, 2018


On today’s episode of OPP I am sharing projects from:

Claudio Nestor Rodriguez: Intarsia cat. His YouTube channel 

James Beaton: Intarsia fish, intarsia frog (Kathy Wise pattern), intarsia dog (Judy Gale Roberts pattern), intarsia butterfly (Judy Gale Roberts pattern).

Tim Turner: Cat in the Hat cup cake stand. His website 

Wendy Crawford Gourley: Tilley sign. Her YouTube channel:MooseTrails Woodworking and her video.

Jolien Brebels: two 1968 Corvette Stingray Corvettes. Her channel and her video

Thanks everyone for participating in OPP and giving the audience some ideas for projects!

If you would like to share a project on OPP please contact me with a picture of your project and any information you would like to share about it!

Email me: undeniablycy@gmail.com

Or send a facebook message: Cy’s Corner Facebook

Thanks for watching everyone!!!

Making Wind Chimes with Nadine and Noah

While Nadine and Noah were here we all made wind chimes! Nadine’s theme was gems and Noah’s theme went from arrows to Spiderman with a gun. Husband’s theme was a bumble bee and my theme was trees. We all picked out our wood, decorated them with some beads, strung some string, and put them all together. We had a good time and they sound really cool!

How to Fix Gaps in Intarsia

This video shows the technique I use to fix those unwanted gaps between pieces when making an intarsia. Most of the video is in real time to demonstrate how long it can take to fix a gap. Some tips I mention are: Using a regular blade (what I mean by that is one that is NOT modified geometry blade). The blade should have a thin kerf. And placing the piece that you want to remove material on the right side of the blade. Hope this is useful for someone!

Shark video

The shark pattern can be found at Intarsia Designs


Intarsia Shark

A friend of mine recently told me about a website called Intarsia Designs and this is where I found this shark pattern. Noah really likes sharks so I wanted to make this for him. I used different shades of blue pine, ebony, Oregon lilac, and walnut to make this project.

Psalm 148:7 (NCV) Praise the LORD from the earth, you large sea animals and all the oceans…

Intarsia Designs

Click here to see a video on how I fixed gaps on the shark.

OPP August 11, 2018…with guest co-hosts Nadine and Noah

On this episode of OPP I (with the help of my co-hosts, Nadine and Noah) am sharing projects created by:

Hămįd Məđđāh- key chain roses intarsia, pan holder intarsia, intarsia eagle inside frame

Braulio Zarpellon Jr- pelican intarsia- His Facebook page is: Braza arte em madeira. 

Don Ogle- Jesus scroll saw project

Emily- decorated light switch

Kurt Tuttle (Tutt’s Stuff)- Grandkids with projects, routered turtle, round routered table top

Tim Bernico- boat intarsia and horses intarsia

Thanks everyone for sending your projects for us to share!!!

If you would like to have a project of yours on OPP please send me an email or Facebook message! Thank you!!!


Making Wall Hangings with Nadine and Noah.

The grandkiddos, Nadine and Noah, are over for a few weeks for the summer! We made some projects using a walnut slab, driftwood, beads, mother of pearl, feather, sand, and lots of glue. We had a blast and the imaginations flew. We made a video to share with all of you.  

We put some verses on the back of our projects too. Since the walnut is so dark I didn’t transfer the verses to the back, I either wrote them out or put the address. Noah picked John 3:16-God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life. Nadine picked Romans 3:23-  Everyone has sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard. And I picked Romans 16:19- All the believers have heard that you obey, so I am very happy because of you. But I want you to be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil.

Goodbye Newport Shop, Hello Prineville!

We not only emptied out the shop in Newport but closed up the big door and put carpet in it. So it is definitely not a shop anymore. Everything has been moved to the Prineville shop!!! We are still in the process of putting things away and organizing in the new shop but it is fully functional!!! We will be all moved to Prineville soon!!! I will miss the beach but Prineville is only 200 miles from Newport!!!