Wally and Gibbs at the Beach

I took a walk on the beach with Wally and Gibbs, it was a windy but nice day. The sand dunes at our neighborhood beach are pretty tall right now but they will flatten out during the non-summer months. I like to surf (slide) down them, my shoes get full of sand but it is fun. The pooches seem to enjoy it too! They’ve been on the beach before but hadn’t gone into the water so this was a new thing for them!  


Intarsia Mermaid

I used a stained glass pattern to make an intarsia! To make this project I used cedar, purple heart, yellow heart, and some drift wood! This is my first intarsia that I used driftwood and I discovered that it comes in many different colors and densities. It is mystery wood and scattered all over the beach and I am excited to use it again in more intarsia projects! I have added the pattern to my Pinterest Page.

Exodus 35:32-33 (NCV) He is able to design pieces to be made of gold, silver, and bronze, 33 to cut stones and jewels and put them in metal, to carve wood, and to do all kinds of work.

Making Signs for Becky

My friend asked me to make some signs shaped like arrows to go on her property. She has 14 acres that include forest trails, a vineyard, an orchard, a pond, a barn, and her home. I made the signs using cedar that we had left over from our guest room project. In this video I make the signs and head over to Becky’s house. Then Becky and I put them up all over her property. It was a lot of fun and I am curious to see how the signs hold up in the weather.

My Eclipse Experience, August 21, 2017

Hey all Cy here,

So the eclipse was happening right over my town, Newport, Oregon. My son in law, Matt, set up a bunch of cameras to document the eclipse. So my step daughter (Kandi), granddaughter (Ella), puppies (Wally and Gibbs), and I got ready to watch the show! And a bunch of people were outside all over the place and you can hear them watching in the video.

Matt started all of his cameras at 9:04 am when the moon began to cross over the sun. At 10:16 am the moon completely covered the sun, which is called totality, for 1 minute and 46 seconds.

Matt also had an app going that was announcing key points during the eclipse, including a count down to totality and a reminder to put the glasses back on when the darkest moments were over. During totality we felt the temperature drop, our deck lights and street lights came on, there was a bunch of cheering from the neighbors and oohs and aahhhs from us. Gibbs got chilly and Wally got scared. When the moon started exposing the sun again it got light really fast. But it would take another 78 minutes or so for the moon to completely move out of the circle of the sun. We were amazed at how much of the sun could be blocked and it not be noticeable. It wasn’t until the sun was almost all the way blocked that we could tell what was happening (without looking anyway). Also during totality, for 1 minute and 46 seconds, we were able to take off the glasses and look at the completely blocked sun. At this point, with the glasses on, you could see nothing. But with our own eyes we could see the shimmering ring around the moon which is called the corona of the sun. And it was pretty awesome! It was also fun to hear Ella’s reaction. I am sure she will remember it forever!

My cell phone camera couldn’t capture the way the corona really looked, but hopefully Matt’s camera did! The darkest part of the eclipse was over, but the cameras kept running, we kept watching, and at 11:36 am the moon was completely clear of the sun. How exciting this was!  

Husband was at work and he was able to go outside with everyone and watch the totality moment of the eclipse. I called him a while later and we both shared our experience real quick.

Once Matt has his video put together I will share that link!

I hope everyone got to see the eclipse that wanted to see it!!!


Making Some Tables

My brother asked me to make some tables for him. I looked at some plans to get a generalized idea of how to go about making them and went from there. He wanted them to be sturdy but not too heavy. He also asked for them to be super tall. Another request was to put a 2 inch hole in the center of each…and I forgot to do that, sorry Chaz. He will be using them on his channel, Pair of Dice Paradise, so if you want to see the tables, or enjoy board games you can go check it out.

Lost Lake…where does it go?

I heard about Lost Lake last year and have wanted to see the lava tube that is said to drain the lake. I stopped by during the winter and the lake was very full and no lava tube was to be seen. But now in August the lake is quickly draining and I got to see it!!! I met a man named Rich who was photographing the lava tube, he told me some great information about the lava tubes I got to see!  Here is a link to Rich’s Flickr photography page, and here is a link to an Oregon Public Broadcasting Story about Lost Lake.

Moving the Map and what’s new!!!

I have been wanting to move the sticker map into the new shop. This is the second time I have moved it and I know it will be moved again in the future. It is very difficult to move with all of the strings, so I have decided to take off the strings connecting the stickers to the states they come from and replace them with numbers. Also in this video I make Husband a shed sign, show you some projects I am working on, and introduce the new puppies!!!