Moving the Map and what’s new!!!

I have been wanting to move the sticker map into the new shop. This is the second time I have moved it and I know it will be moved again in the future. It is very difficult to move with all of the strings, so I have decided to take off the strings connecting the stickers to the states they come from and replace them with numbers. Also in this video I make Husband a shed sign, show you some projects I am working on, and introduce the new puppies!!!


Happy 4th of July!!!

I made a few decorations for the fourth of July! I used ¼ inch plywood and cut out a USA shape and some flag shapes. I mixed water colors and acrylic paint together (because I didn’t have enough acrylic on hand) and painted them! I added some stars and some twine for them to hang from. I hope everyone has a safe and fun celebration!!!

Oh!!! And I got a new puppy! He was sleeping in my arms for a while when I was painting!

Intarsia Angel

I found a stained glass pattern and used it to make an intarsia. I used Yellow heart, red heart, blue pine, and some mystery wood for all the pieces and attached it to a hardboard backer. I put a coat of danish oil on each piece before gluing and then added some coats of polyurethane after it was all glued up. You can find the pattern by clicking on this: Angel pattern. Thanks for watching!

Hebrews 1:14 (NCV) All the angels are spirits who serve God and are sent to help those who will receive salvation.

A Collaboration of Tips from Cy’s Corner and LL Woodworks!


Lynn from LL Woodworks had a great idea to make a few videos with woodworking tips. So we have brought our ideas together and are sharing them with you. In my video the things we have discovered include blades, tape, and some tasty tips about salt. He has another video with different tips from each of us on his channel.

Blade guide

LL Woodworks video

Marine Corps Emblem

Husband asked me to make a Marine Corp themed project. He really liked a picture of the emblem so I used that to make this project for him. In the video I show how I made everything and also give a little history of Husband’s time in the Marines.

Joshua 1:9 (NCV)  Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave. Don’t be afraid, because the Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go.

Assembly, Picnic Basket Collaboration with Heavyboxes!

In this video, Andrew, from Heavyboxes DIY Master, is here in Oregon to put together the picnic basket he made and attach the decorations that I made. We had a lot of fun and silliness while we worked together. To see how he made the box, how I made the decorations, and to watch Andrew’s assembly video, click on this playlist. Thanks Andrew, it was great fun!!!

Cy’s Decorations, Picnic Basket Collaboration with Heavyboxes!

I am doing a collaboration project with Andrew from Heavyboxes. He is making a picnic basket and I am decorating it. I made a few different food items from pine and some more out of hardwoods.  Oh, and a few ants showed up! The plan is for Andrew to come to Oregon so we can assemble the picnic basket he made and decorate it with the things I made! Check out Andrew’s video of making the picnic basket, and then check out our videos of putting the project together on the collaboration playlist.