Making Shells into Candles

I had some clam shells that I thought would be fun to make into candles. My daughter in law, Vika, helped me. When we started this project she was near the end of her pregnancy. So with the arrival of the baby, the candles were forgotten. In this video we make the candles and then later we come back and light them! The new baby joins us when we light them up! I’m thinking this video is really about the new baby and not about the candles so much. 🙂


Other People’s Projects and an Update

I have gotten a lot of pictures of other people’s projects and so this year I am going to start sharing them! I have only gotten one so far in 2018 but I am looking forward to getting more and showing everyone! So this video is the first of a new series. I need to work on the name, all I have so far is OPP, for Other People’s Projects. 🙂

Door Control Cover

My dog, Wally, likes to sit on my lap while I am a passenger in the truck. He moves around a lot and he steps on the switches on the door causing the window to come down or the doors to lock and unlock. This video is about finding a solution to this while still allowing Wally to sit in the front with me. We had taken a mini vacation week over in Prineville (future retirement shop and house) and Wally stepped on the switches a bunch of times during the drive over. So while in Prineville I popped out the door switch and used it as a template to make a cover to fit over the top! I had taken my trim router with me (in case I wanted to make a sign while over there) and my bandsaw is already there so I used them to make a cover. Then I tried it out and it worked!!! Yay!

P.S. Gibbs like to sleep on his pillow during the drive so he never steps on the switches!

Dave’s Signs Technique


A friend told me about Dave Rhoten and thought I would enjoy his technique for sign making. Dave, Eric, and Vicki of Dave’s Signs have a YouTube channel, a web page called Dave’s Signs, and another page called Make a Wood Sign. Click on them to check them out. You can order all the stuff you need to start making signs! In this video I make a Hallelujah sign! This is my second sign and I need a lot more practice, but I am really enjoying the process!!!
Revelation 19:6 (NIV) Hallelujah!  For our Lord God Almighty reigns.

Reindeer Intarsia

I started this project last year but didn’t finish it before Christmas. So I held onto the video footage and put the video together for this year! In this video I make a reindeer from a pattern by Judy Gale Roberts. I used Peroba Rosa, verawood, black walnut, red heart, and one lighter shade of wood that I don’t remember. I noticed that the green of the vera has turned brown since last year, bummer. I also used some dowels for part of the reigns on the head. I jump back and forth from last year to this year in the video. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Psalm 18:33  (NCV)  He makes me like a deer that does not stumble;  he helps me stand on the steep mountains.

Christmas Tree 2017

It is Christmas tree time!!! We have a lot of people living in the house right now, including a new baby, so space is limited for a Christmas tree. I found a picture of a tree that I thought I could make and put on the wall. In this video I make the tree and attach it to the wall and it works perfectly this year!!! Merry Christmas everyone!


Our Path to the Beach

I’ve been wanting to show everybody this awesome path to the beach. I asked some neighbors if there was a way to get to the beach and they told me about this neighborhood trail. It has 162 steps with sandy pathways. It is pretty easy to go down but quite the trek going back up! Well, for me anyway. Wally and Gibbs run up it just like they run down it 🙂 This day on the beach the tide was out, the sky was blue, and the wind was low. It was an amazing day!

How I Got Started With Intarsia

I had a viewer named RVTraveler ask me for a video talking about how I got into intarsia and the challenges that I faced at first. So in this video I tell my story of how I discovered intarsia in 2010. Then I got a little carried away and started talking about the challenges that I face now while making intarsia. 🙂

Zebra Puzzle

I asked Ella, grandchild #3, what she would like me to make for her and her mom suggested a zebra puzzle. So in this video I make the puzzle for Ella! I used purple heart and some mystery wood. (it may be alder) I hot glued the boards together so I could cut them out at the same time and then swapped every other piece. So this is really segmentation with a twist! This also left me with 2 zebras! One is the puzzle and the other is a decoration.

1 Thessalonians 5:5 (NCV) You are all people who belong to the light and to the day. We do not belong to the night or to darkness.

Matthew 5:14 (NCV) You are the light that gives light to the world. A city that is built on a hill cannot be hidden.