Bright Side to Life

I am a Christian, meaning I believe that Jesus is God and lived a perfect human life as an example for me.  He was innocent but died with the burdens of my rottenness put on him, all to give me eternal freedom.  Although I don’t understand everything Jesus had to go through for me, I do believe in his sovereignty.  For me this means that I trust him in all things, and obey what he says even when I don’t see the whole picture.  This is tough, but I try to start new each day.

I have a blog of my thoughts while reading through my Bible.  It is called Good Morning God.  I invite anyone to comment, share their own thoughts, or correct my thinking.

My hope is to show the bright side to life.  Since I love working with wood I started making lighthearted videos of my process.  This led to other videos just sharing stuff that I think is funny or that I enjoy.

I take life seriously, but try to play as if I don’t.  🙂



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